Top 5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Bi-folding Doors

Bifold doors in black aluminium fitted into an extension

Bi-folding doors have been in use for long in the UK, but it seems to have caught the fancy of many homeowners of late. One of the reasons put forth for this is that the door arrangement offers energy saving for the user. In summers, you open the doors fully and let the fresh outside air come in. In winter, you can close the doors completely but let the sunlight (if there is sunlight) in through the glass panels and reduce the requirement for heating.

Besides these, when you open up the bi-folding doors, you virtually expand your living area. In all these ways, bi-folding doors are a huge plus to your home. If you have plans of calling up a credited door supplier, you need to consider a few things before you place your order. Five of them are listed here.

1. No. of Panels: This is determined by the length and height of the area you wish to install the bi-folding doors in. If it’s a wide living room leading to the porch or a deck, you may think of 2×3 frames folding. This way you can open up the entire width. You have the choice of having a fixed frame on both ends and two double folding doors as well. When you call up the supplier of the bi-folding doors, they may send a representative to inspect your premises. Based on their inspection, they may come up with some suggestions you will find useful. Take all these into account before making a decision.

2. Material of Construction of the Frames: This is important since the life of the bi-folding doors depends on it. The best is aluminium. The other options are wood and uPVC. These materials are readily available in the market and people buy them for other considerations too. However, considering the life of the bi-folds and the challenge of maintenance etc, aluminium is the most recommended.

3. Security: Security is important if the bi-folding doors are to be installed on the outside and can be exposed to break-in threats. You must check with the supplier of your doors, the details of the locking systems provided in their arrangement. There are multi-point locking systems fixed on these doors and you must insist that everything is in order. The best course would be to first take a look at bi-folding doors installations, either at the supplier’s showroom or in some house.

4. Design/Colour/Aesthetics: Installation of bi-folding doors adds to the décor of your home. If you entertain your guests in your living room, you would want the doors to highlight the interior. This means you have to choose the overall pattern and design of the doors. You may be surprised to learn that the aluminium framework for bi-folding doors comes in over 200 colours and several designs. You will have to spend more time in arriving at the best combination for your home. The latest technologies permit virtual models to be viewed using software. You can check with the supplier of your bi-folding doors if they can show you something like that and it will help you make a quicker decision.

5. Price: Price can be an important consideration. Market research has shown that bi-folding doors add to the overall value of homes. If you plan to sell your home after some time, the buyer might be prepared to pay a little more for it if these types of doors are in place and in good shape. If you have been careful with the selection process outlined above, there is every possibility that you have this advantage. In such a situation, the price should not be a huge factor. Just ensure you are dealing with the right source for your bi-folding doors.

The Bottomline

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